Film Review: Maleficent

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I’m not exact sure what I was expecting from Maleficent. I never really bothered to pass it a glance when it was out in the cinema. It is, after all, a kids story. And they’re never any good? So I’m not exactly sure why after it’s DVD release I was suddenly drawn to it. But something drew me in and so into the “to watch” pile it went; having sneakily managed to convince Santa that a 3D Bluray copy was a fair Christmas treat.

What makes this sudden draw even more surprising is that as a film it seems to have divided wider opinion. The general consensus seeming to be that its strongest suit is the performance of Angelina Jolie and that after that, it wipes it’s feet but not much more. Once again though, I couldn’t help but remind myself, that it’s a kids movie. And that critics are usually maturing men with a Vitamin D deficiency! Read more