Film Review: Looper

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I’ve always had a slight preconceived idea that Looper was nothing more than a throw away action shoot’em up film best avoided. And I’m not sure why. Spend 30 seconds searching the reviews online about the film and you’ll quickly see that people rate it. IMDB and Metacritic both favour it and even the good Doctors’ don’t hate it. So where on earth I got the notion that it was best avoided I don’t know. So I thought it was about time to see whether the wider world was on the money, or in fact if my preconceived ideas would prove to be true and leave me with a wasted, disappointed evening.

And I can now say, with hand on heart, that as is usual with preconceived ideas, mine were wrong. Slightly. Well quite a lot actually. Looper is a good film but it’s a film with some faults. Firstly, the production team seem to have created a world that is confusing – it’s set 30 years into the future and yet time appears to have moved forward while going backwards. I know that technology now marches forward at a relentless pace that things may be invented in the next 30 years that fit the world they create but you never feel comfortable with that world. It never fits together. There is a sense that everything is dark and broken and run down; but at the same time everything is technologically advanced. The Mazda MX5 drives past the floating hover bike as it transverses the slums of the bankrupt city. It feels like a puzzle where all the pieces fit together perfectly but the finished picture just doesn’t make sense.
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