Film Review: Breathe In

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I truly don’t know how I came to watch Breathe In; a little known movie starring Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce about a foreign exchange student (Jones) who arrives with her American host family, altering their dynamic and thus their relationship forever. I had actually wanted to watch Wild Tales only to discover that it has just been removed from my usual On-Demand streaming service and so, was left scratching my head, pondering the digital listings, trying to find something else. And Breathe In just stuck out.

Why it stuck out I really don’t know? My guess would be the cast – although the “offer” price of 99p will have helped – because I didn’t bother to watch the trailer, do any background reading or even look up it’s IMDb page. I simply breathed out, went “that’ll do…” and hit play. I really didn’t have any idea what to expect, or even how long it would last! Read more

Film Review: Like Crazy

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Given the cast I think that it is amazing that it took research for a potential Blog post for me to realise the Like Crazy even exists. Quite how this movie managed to stay hidden in the shadows for so long will remain a mystery. Written and directed by Drake Doremus, it is a small, low budget transatlantic love story staring Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence. And with that cast, it’s surprisingly masked existence is illustrated perfectly.

And that cast list also longs to suggests that this is a potential hidden classic. A little gem, forgotten in the back catalogue of Hollywood’s rising stars waiting to be discovered. But sadly, you’d be wrong. Like Crazy was created three years ago, but feels and looks far more dated and far, far younger. A problem highlighted, rather than hidden, by the cast. Read more