Book Review: How To Eat Out By Giles Coren

Posted on by 5WC in Book
How To Eat Out By Giles Coren - Header

I’ve never quite understood how people can just stop reading a book. I hear people declare that they couldn’t get past the first 50 pages and so just gave up. Put it back on the shelf. Gave in. While limited in number, I’ve never read a book that truly wanted to stop, that has honestly driven me to the point of saying “enough’s enough”. I’ve found some hard, but I’ve ploughed on anyway. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, maybe I just don’t know when to stop, or maybe, I’m just too pessimistic, believing the page I give up on is the page before the book turns into a classic?

I can’t remember exactly why I decided I wanted to read Giles Coren’s How To Eat Out, I have vague memories of it being listed as a good read in a magazine, or a newspaper, and the anorexic side of my brain grasping at its themes of food to demand I enter it into my life. And so I bought it, and let it gather dust. Other things taking priority. But the timing seemed right to finally read it, and so not really knowing what it was about, or what exactly it was meant to be, I folded back the cover and turned to page 1. Read more