Film Review: The Past

Posted on by 5WC in Film

It has always disappointed me slightly that in the UK we have such a snobbish attitude towards language. Whether it’s in sunburnt tourist berating the poor cashier on holiday – Do. You. Speak. English? – or our reluctance, bordering on an almost xenophobic mistrust, towards watching foreign language films and television, it’s such a shame because there is a world outside our little Island that looks at life in its own unique way and can tell a story without cliché, without stereotypes and broaden our ideas and scope on society, life and what it means to be alive. If only we’d learn to accept – Subtitles. Are. Not. Scary.

The film distribution company Artificial Eye are a great source of independent foreign language films, and as I’ve spoken about previously, I love them for the type and style of films they champion and so when I my local independent cinema put on the trailer for The Past (Le Passé) and advertised a one night only showing it was enough to catch me hook, line and sinker and have me there.
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