Film Review: A Thousand Times Goodnight

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I was hooked and grabbed by A Thousand Times Goodnight from the minute I saw the trailer. While the subject matter maybe potentially a little harrowing for some, there was just something about it that isn’t drew my attention. An appealing quality, a visual clarity that seemed to suggest that whatever the moral debate of a plot based around photographers in danger zones, this film would provide more than just a shock tactic story, or a flimsy narrative argument. If I’m honest, it just looked visual class.

And it also stars Juliette Binoche, who I absolutely adore, even if I can never work out why as I never seem to come out of her films as impressed as when I went in. Chocolat and Certified Copy being perfect examples. And sadly, this sense of unmet expectations has happened again, because the movie the trailer sold me is a long, long way from the story that you get to enrol in. Read more