Jesus Christ Superstar (Live Arena Tour) On DVD

Posted on by 5WC in Stage

As it’s the time of year when just about every film that even mentions Christmas in the script no matter what the overall plot may be gets an outing it seems only right that we remember the true meaning of Christmas (by the way, why is the ‘t’ silent considering it’s Christ’s celebration not Chris’?) and watch the latest incarnation of Lord Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s rock musical smash. And anyway, it was either that or Fred Claus on Channel 5!

I wasn’t really sure what to quite expect as I sat down and prepared myself for 100 minutes of religious heavy metal. The cast is very “celebrity” with the lead role picked by public vote (although he does have a “proper” stage background) all mixed happily together with a reimagining of the timeline to position BC firmly into AD. Read more