Film Review: Labyrinth

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There are loads of films that start out life as box office flops and yet end up becoming classics due to the strength of the cult that grows around them. Shawshank Redemption and Withnail & I instantly spring to mind while Labyrinth can also be included in the list. Nobody went to see it and critics panned it, and yet, in its later life it has come to be much loved by a strong following myself included. And so when my local independent cinema put on a “one night only” screening I jumped at the chance.

While I love Labyrinth and the madness it contains within, I should point out that I am not blindly in love with it. I am fully aware of its flaws and if I’m honest, David Bowie have never really been overly convincing to me in the role of the Goblin King and the less said about his dress sense and “openness” the better. But I think a lot of the criticism thrown at the film is very much a case of people looking too hard at it. Picking holes purely for the sake of it and wanting to not follow the rest of the herb. For me, Labyrinth is a visual feast and if you start to look beyond the images and characters and into the deeper meanings then, it seems to me you’ve missed the point!
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