Film Review: What Richard Did

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There is a British film distribution company called ‘Artificial Eye‘ who specialise in foreign language and art house films. It doesn’t release many films each year – approximately 50 split across cinema and DVD, but what it releases are usually very good, but very left of main field. For instance, Winter’s Bone, Simple Men, We Need To Talk About Kevin and Melancholia all carry the Artificial Eye mark.

And so does What Richard Did. A low budget independent film hailing from Ireland, you can really tell, even just from the trailer, that this is going to be art house film making. And so, I went in expecting something slightly raw around the edges but with a power and conviction and a performance to gloss over any pitfalls it may have. Sadly though, for me, and especially compared to some of the other smaller independent offerings I’ve watched recently, it fell a long way short of the mark.
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