Film Review: Ida

Posted on by 5WC in Film

People have been raving for a while now about Ida, about how this movie is “perfect” and “eerily beautiful” and how this was a film that you needed to see. This was a film that would make you realise just how good cinema could be.

However, for me, I kept finding myself slightly detached and disinterested in it. In my head I could hear all these critics proclaiming to the masses how your life would be poorer if you didn’t watch Ida, and yet, as soon as I put the trailer on, I’d get about 20 seconds into it and then either I’d switch off or it would. But, with it available on the Curzon Home Cinema on demand service, and it not being the longest film in the world, clocking a modernly pathetic 80 minutes I decided to give it a go. Whatever my preconceived ideas may be, when the wave of agreement over a film is this united, it normally suggests it’s going to be ok. Read more