Aspartame – Is It Safe?

Posted on by 5WC in Opinion

Read a paper, watch the news, spend 30 seconds looking into healthy eating and nutrition and you won’t have been able to avoid the debate that has been raging recently over the use and safety surrounding artificial sweeteners and one in particular, Aspartame.

However, after lots of testing, the European Food Safety Authority have decided that Aspartame is safe. Apparently, it’s not linked to cancer, it’s not dangerous and therefore, to quote the EFSA “Aspartame and its breakdown products are safe for human consumption at current levels of exposure”. Now, I am not a scientific boffin, nor am I a medical doctor able to comment at length on the EFSA’s report/findings and the overall safety surrounding the use of artificial sweeteners in our food but what I can do is tell my story, explain what happened to me.
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