TV Review: True Detective

Posted on by 5WC in Television

At the height of my illness I was exercising a lot, well to be precise I was rowing a lot, alright I was ergo’ing a lot. Now a lot of people like to listen to thumping house music, some as I later transition to, enjoy audio books but to begin with I was into American TV programmes.

For months and months I rowed meter after meter as The West Wing, The Wire, House, Rookie Blue, The Mentalist, Breaking Bad all came and went, each and every series devoured and so, when through Twitter I was introduced to True Detective, America’s latest “hit show” I was never going to pass it by. Now, taking slow, small steps to recovery, and no longer owning my Concept 2, season 1 of True Detective was enjoyed from the comfort of an arm chair rather than a cold, hard sweaty seat going to and fro.
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