Film Review: Frances Ha

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I can’t remember why exactly but Frances Ha is one of those films that I have always been drawn to, always had on my radar as a film to see, but never actually bothering to make the effort to do so. There was always another film, another day, some poor excuse as to why I kept letting it slip past. Kept putting it off. But intrigue finally got the better of me, and thanks to the Curzon Home Cinema service, I finally spent an evening in the company of Frances.

The first thing I would say is that my entire preconceived view and opinion on the film was based purely from the trailer. I have vague relocations of hearing Mark Kermode’s review of the film, but my memories are so old that I’ve actually forgotten which side of the fence he fell [looking it up for a link, in fact he didn’t review it!]. And I hadn’t read, seen or discovered my other reviews or critiques. Everything was based on 2 minutes of teaser footage designed to sell the film in a positive light. Read more