Film Review: Greenberg

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There is a movie currently showing in the cinema called While We’re Young, and if I’m honest I vaguely fancy seeing it. I quite like the look of the trailer, although I think it’s got a slight air of throw-away forgetfulness about it – today’s news tomorrow’s chip wrapper and all that – I’ve also heard it described as a cross between Greenberg and Frances Ha, and considering Francis Ha got stuck in my head to the point that I actually named it one of my top movies of 2014 I did wonder if I was potentially miss judging it.

It’s been a few years wince I watched Greenberg, and I didn’t really remember much about it. Truthfully, I didn’t remember anything before hand. But the fusion with Frances Ha (not actually that unsurprising considering that all 3 movies have been directed by Noah Baumbach) suggested that it would make sense to reacquaint myself with it; one in vague preparation and two, just general curiosity. Read more