Film Review: Gravity

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There are plenty of reviews all over the internet from professional critics and amateur bloggers alike giving you every conceivable thought on Gravity. Whether it’s from the sublime to the redicoulous, the implausible to the technical breakdown whatever you want to know about Gravity shouldn’t be hard to find and so it seems a little bit pointless for me to spend paragraphs now giving you feelings on it.

I will quickly just say that for me, Gravity is a technical masterpiece, it is film making at the cutting edge of what is achievable. But, that is both a good and bad thing. I feel with Gravity that because they wanted to be a game changer, they wanted to make you completely rethink everything you know and feel about 3D they have essentially said “to hell with the plot, this is about 3D”. And so, you are left with a movie that doesn’t really make sense, and has a lot of parts that feel more like they are just there to allow them to show off what they can do visually and with CGI, than for any narrative or story telling purpose. On IMDB I gave Gravity 8/10 and I stand by that. It’s brilliant but it’s rooted so much in 3D that I don’t see how it’s possible to watch it in anything else. I can’t see how, watching it in 2D, where it would stand up only on its plot, you could ever enjoy it.
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