Film Review: GoldenEye

Posted on by 5WC in Film

As quickly as things improved Timothy Dalton departed and in walked Pierce Brosnan, and sadly, Timothy forgot to hand back the blueprints for how to make a good Bond film. The opening title sequence to Brosnan’s reign, as he bungee jumps down the Dam before breaking into the Russian base just sum up exactly what type of Bond he plans to bring to the screen and sadly, it’s going right back to the bad old days.

It’s such a shame though because at the time, Brosnan was arguably one of the most realistic looking actors to play Bond. He looks like a soldier: he looks trained and he looks right. But then he throws this perfect fit away by channeling his inner Roger. The stunts become over the top, the one liners and stupidity become too much, and by the time the ubiquitous naked girl appears to usher in the opening titles everything has been ramped way beyond even 11 that you really question how they thought anyone would buy this. It’s just too unbelievable to be true.
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