Film Review: She’s All That

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I hold something of a sweet spot for She’s All That. A nostalgic affection of time past. A happy enjoyable memory, a reflection, which means that even though, underneath it all, it’s a very clichéd American teen comedy, that has borrowed it’s central core idea from Pygmalion – I like to image, as it’s set in a school, that the script writers, like a lot of children, forget to read the book and instead cribbed the plot from My Fair Lady instead – I don’t care, I just like it as a film!

While this is a basic teen comedy with all the stereotypes you’d expect to see, that doesn’t seem to really cause the film too many problems. Sure it’s never going to be a serious film, thought of as a genre defining game changer, but that doesn’t matter because the charm comes from the sense that there is a real warmth to She’s All That. It has a personality. It is friendly and comforting. And for a teen comedy, it’s layers, it’s ideas, when you look beyond the borrowed central plot are actually clever and well executed.
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