Film Review: Enemy Of The State

Posted on by 5WC in Film

They say that you can tell an artist from their brush strokes, or a writer from the rhythm of their language. Well the same is true of movies, you can instantly recognise a director, a producer, an actor from the fingerprints they leave upon their work. And none more so than with Jerry Bruckheimer. A producer who sadly, now resides more in the world of the small screen than the big, but a producer to which I owe my love of films.

I was in my late teens and shaping my love of cinema and films when Bruckheimer was at the top of his game, offering action, adventure and copious amounts of exploding petrol in the likes of Con Air, The Rock, Gone In Sixty Seconds and Enemy Of The State to name but a few in a very, very long list. And in the same way that Cruel Intentions instantly drags me back to that era of my life, so does the work of Bruckheimer.

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