Film Review: Beasts Of The Southern Wild

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of those films that carries the weight of a hefty reputation. From the record breaking Academy Award nomination for it’s 9 year old lead – Quvenzhan√© Wallis – to its extensive and long list film festival awards and nominations, people just seemed to be falling over themselves to proclaim this film to be a thing of beauty.

And yet, I’ve never really been sure about it. I’ve never quite managed to get my head around exactly what it is. Was it a serious movie, was it a fantasia of dreams, was it the mindless scribblings of a nine year old girl? I was always strangely attracted to it, but could never justify giving up the time to watch it. I knew of it’s history, of it’s acclaim, but it’s trailer never warmed me to it. Never demanded to be watched. Read more