TV Film Review: Esio Trot

Posted on by 5WC in Television

If you’ve read my review of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical that I saw in the West End earlier this year, you will know that I am something of a Roald Dahl fan. And so, when I saw that the BBC were showing an adaptation of Esio Trot, written by Richard Curtis, on New Year’s Day, it wasn’t a hard guess to say I’d been sitting down to watch it.

Not knowing anything more about this new production aside from a brief advert, and having quickly reacquainted myself to Dalh’s tale of Alfie, Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver, by reading his original story, I settled in not really knowing what to expect and intrigued as to how they would bring the weirdly wonderful story to life. What I got though, wasn’t as much a retelling of Dahl’s classic, but rather a reimagining that felt the same but instead of missing the point, completely changed it. Read more