Film Review: Dead Poets Society

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Dead Poets Society is one of those films that people seem to hold in the highest of regards. Granting cult like status based purely on rumour and reputation rather than any concrete foundation. If you speak to people about it, then more often than not you will hear the same response – they know it stars Robin Williams and they know it is good, but more tellingly, they haven’t seen it, or don’t remember doing so. For those that have seen it, you can usually define them into two camps: those you came away feeling happy and warm buts nothing more and those who were so inspired by the film that they are now teaching English.

Dead Poets’ has had something of a revival into the public conscience due to that sad and unexpected death of Robin Williams and so, I decided to grab a copy when I could find it in stock and remind myself of what a lesson with Williams would truly be like. Read more