Film Review: The Duke Of Burgundy

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As I write this the current number one movie in the UK is 50 Shades of Grey. The story of a bondage loving billionaire and a bimbo reporter turned submissive. Of course the fashionable thing to do is to declare the movie nothing but a money making exercise, breathing life into a shockingly written piece of fan fiction, and then as a man, state that you’ll leave it to the female of the species to “go with the girls” and snigger, laugh and cry at the sight of a blindfold and handcuffs.

Or, you can just ignore it, and search out the better offerings currently in the cinema regarding love, relationship and if you want, BDSM. The first two apparently covered by Love Is Strange, although I’m yet to see it so cannot comment, while all three are discussed in Peter Strickland’s latest offering The Duke Of Burgundy. Which I have. Read more

Film Review: What Maisie Knew

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It’s strange that for some reason I have actually been avoiding What Maisie Knew. Available through Curzon’s Home Cinema service, I’d get a few cycles into the trailer and would just switch off. My mind was made up, this wasn’t for me. So I’d pass onto the next film. And I really can’t explain why I was being so judgemental, why I had created such strong preconceived ideas.

I spoke previously about how I have a list of films based upon Empire Magazine’s recommendations, and it was when “reviewing” it that I discovered What Maisie Knew was on their list. And so, even though I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, I gave it a go. I offered it the chance to change my mind and by heck, it did that with spades on. Read more

Film Review: Upstream Color

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On my computer I have a list of films, recommended by Empire Magazine as being 4-Stars or better. And I go through it from time to time and I look up the prices of them on Amazon, and decide that just because The Jungle Book collection is out on Blu-ray doesn’t justify spending £20 on it and that, leave it a bit and the price will drop. I should point out that this list dates back to September 2012 “waiting for the price to drop”!

However, recently, I realised that a few of the films on the list were available to rent through the Curzon On Demand service I have access to as a Freesat user. Brilliant. And so, having worked my way through the list, ticked off the “Curzon” films, I decided that Upstream Color would be the first to viewed. Read more

Film Review: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

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Recently I discovered the potential delights of the Curzon Home Cinema service now available through Freesat and decided that I’d give it a go. So I signed up, added some funds and went searching for a cheap, but potentially good film to act as the proverbial guinea pig. And Salmon Fishing In The Yemen seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

It’s one of those films, that everybody seems to have heard of, conjures up pre viewing images of warmth and happiness from it’s name alone and yet, seems to have passed everybody by. Watching the trailer, my initial reaction was that it was going to be a pleasant, entertaining film. A throw away Sunday night film and I was half expecting to come out the other side so-to-speak, having found a film that is thoroughly enjoyable and yet also instantly forgettable. Read more