Peter Pan At The Watermill

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Every family has their own Christmas traditions, whether it be the post lunch board game, or having to be dressed before you can open your presents, these annual routines help ensure the time of year continues to feel magical and special. And in our family one of these traditions is to always go and see The Watermill Theatre’s Christmas production. Which this year is Peter Pan.

The Watermill is a small, independent theatre with a big reputation, while I’m not a regular last year’s trip saw a production of The Adventure’s of Pinocchio while I made a trip in the summer to see Ian Hisplop’s A Bunch Of Amateurs; I always look forward to my visits, even if the quality of the winter performance has been slipping. Read more

An Anorexic At Christmas

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An Anorexic Christmas - Header

While Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people whether based around celebration, religion or tradition, as we grow older, as the day goes from wonder and excitement to cynicism and stress, no matter how our way of remembering the birth of Christ changes, the memories we hold and the happiness they bring, remain the same. No matter how the current affects us, looking back will always highlight the magic this time of year creates.

I remember for instance, the nerves of playing a Myrrh offering King in my primary school Nativity, or the anticipation that would start to build when my brother and I dropped letters of claimed meriting behaviour into the open fire, starting their journey to the North Pole. Read more