Film Review: Chocolat

Posted on by 5WC in Film

It may or may not be the best move in the world to watch a film, so indulgently centred around cocoa, when you suffer from an eating disorder and struggle mentally with thoughts of biscuits, chocolate and getting fat. But that’s exactly what I did, and somehow I managed to survive.

Chocolat is one of those films that has a reputation which proceeds it where ever it goes. Based on a book by Joanne Harris, the mere mention of it will start to temper images in your head of Juliette Binoche seductively placing caramel swirls into the mouth of Johnny Depp. It all seems a bit too romantic, a bit too feminine, a bit too easy to avoid. And avoid it I have been. Not because of it’s association to a food stuff I struggle with but rather, because it seemed too “chic-lit-flic”, it seemed like the kind of movie your sister would watch. If you had one. Which I don’t. Read more