Film Review: Chef

Posted on by 5WC in Film

You may have noticed recently that the number of films I have seen and therefore, the number of reviews I have written have been reducing. While my love of films and all things cinematic is as strong as ever, I think it’s just that natural, seasonal switch as the sun comes out and the weather stays fine that now, the thought of spending a few hours, or a late night, stuck inside isolated from the world doesn’t seem quite as appealing. There are, however, a handful of films that are cropping up over the next few weeks that have grabbed my attention and so the odd trip to the movies is in the planning.

One of the films to raise more than a passing glance was Chef. John Favreau’s return to the director’s chair after the first two Iron Man films and the strange but actually surprisingly daft and fun Cowboys & Aliens. The trailer for Chef had interested me but grabbed my mother, and she was more the driving force behind going to see it. She was really keen and I don’t turn up the chance to go to the cinema, so off we went to a rather empty afternoon showing.
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