Film Review: Certified Copy

Posted on by 5WC in Film

On paper, Certified Copy is a strange recipe for a film. Produced and Directed by an Iranian, written in Italian, French and English and starring a British opera singer in his first ever role. But, in my mind, it’s one saving grace, the glue that will bind everything together is Juliette Binoche. An actress who seems to command respect even though you will probably struggle to name much of her filmography. Chocolat and Godzilla aside.

Somehow though, all the parts that worry you on paper about Certified Copy don’t make it into the final film. To start off with the triple billed language barrier passes without real notice. I think, because I don’t speak French or Italian beyond: hello, thank you and goodbye anyway, I was so reliant on the subtitles that the actual language I was translating didn’t seem to matter. You register the change in dialect but it doesn’t affect anything. Read more