Film Review: What We Did On Our Holiday

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It’s a strange situation, I had heard good things about What We Did On Our Holiday and yet having watched the film I can’t for the life of me see where or why this praise was earned. I just found it farcical balderdash and a poor imitation. A side from a few quick one liners dotted sporadically throughout, I struggle to find any redeeming feature.

It was written and directed Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin and is obviously their way of attempting to bring the successful formula for Outnumbered, their hit BBC sitcom in which two parents are run ragged by their three ad-libbing children, to the big screen. The problem is though, the formula doesn’t translate without the characters. Firstly because you spend the entire time comparing the characters from one to the other, and secondly, because the story becomes too stretched out, and the madness of a flexible script ends up more distracting and annoying as time goes on. Read more

Film Review: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

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The British film industry has made a very simple type of film, successfully, for a number of years. It’s found a defining formula that allows it to keep its head held high and offer a usually refreshing change from Hollywood’s seemingly endless franchise blockbusters and comic book spin offs. Films like Pride, Mr Turner, Philomena all good examples of the narrative character driven movies that are shaping and defining what a “British” film now is.

However, that British genre is splitting, because while traditionally it’s films are aimed at all generations, designed to be feel good family entertainment, connecting all age groups through timeless stories of hope and factual depiction, over recently years there has also been a rise in the more mature film. Both in terms of casting and audience. Films specifically designed to fill a gap, mainly the mid afternoon snooze slot, where tea and biscuits is more preferable to popcorn and cola. Read more