Film Review: Casino Royale

Posted on by 5WC in Film

In my view Casino Royale is arguably the most important James Bond film there has ever been. This really is the live or die moment for the franchise. The Pierce Brosnan era had sunk the franchise lower and lower. It struggled to let go of the past and through Brosnan’s uncomfortable miscasting and the even worse judgement in attempting to continue “Q Branch” with John Cleese had created a scenario where by the writing was seriously close to the wall.

And then along came one man, holding firmly in his grasp the nails and hammer to Bonds coffin. And before you jump to conclusions I am not talking about Daniel Craig. I am in fact, talking about Paul Greengrass. He was the man who took Doug Liman‘s massively successful The Bourne Identity and turned Jason Bourne into the spy to which you now had to complete. Essentially Liman raised the bar on the spy genre and then Paul Greengrass set it in stone and said this is 21st Century spying.
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