TV Review: 100 Seconds To Beat The World: The David Rudisha Story

Posted on by 5WC in Television

In exactly the same way as a chance encounter with a tweet lead to me enjoying the scientific delights of BBC 2’s Operation Cloud Lab, it was a chance encounter listening to Radio 2 while cooking my dinner that lead me to hear an interview regarding an upcoming documentary about David Rudisha and his journey that ultimately resulted in him destroying the field at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

I must admit, that it was purely that interview that drew me to watch it. I’m not the biggest athletics fan and being completely honest, I actually watched very little of the Olympics when they were on. And I am pretty sure that I didn’t watch Rudisha, or any of the 800m running. In fact, he apparently even ran at the Crystal Palace event I tethered the Lucozade balloon at 3 years ago, and I only know that because I’ve just looked it up! But there was something in this interview, something about the way they spoke, their enthusiasm for the story that made me want to see it. Read more