Film Review: Boyhood

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There has been so much made of Boyhood, Richard Linklater’s epic time-lapse of one boy’s childhood years that it is almost transforming into a cult of hyperbole and amplification regarding just how good it is. It’s reputation long gone before it can even hint at preceding it. Proven by the near unfaltering acceptance that it’s going to walk away with the Best Picture Oscar in a few weeks without the merest hint of trouble.

It appears there are two categories regarding it: Simply those who have seen it and those who have not. Or as some would have you believe. Film fans and philistines. I on the other hand, fall into a different category. I’m a film fan who hadn’t seen it. Mainly because I missed it’s cinematic release and it’s only just come out on DVD. Otherwise, I fall firmly into the camp of pre-emptive praise: not claiming to know it’s good, but certainly keeping it on the radar because I’ve heard it’s something very special. Read more