Film Review: Boiler Room

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There is something about Boiler Room as a film that for reasons I cannot explain or fathom draws me randomly back to it at times when I don’t expect it. Last night was a perfect example of this. I didn’t really know what film I fancied watching, my mood was one of just passive ambivalence and so I headed into the rows and rows of DVDs looking for something to watch, working purely on the basis that something would catch my eye, something would just feel right, and without explanation, Boiler Room last night, was it.

Ever since I first saw Boiler Room more years ago than I can actually remember it has always had the ability to entertain me. As films go, it’s never going to be a stand out classic, it’s never going to be a defining point in the careers of it’s stars, but it’s a staple, it’s a filler movie that you can rely on to never let you down. However, it’s very much a masculine movie, it’s the type of film that as a single bloke stuck at home without anything new to watch, you can lose yourself in and not feel guilty but I certainly wouldn’t be suggesting it as a film for anybody wanting to cuddle up romantically to the one they love for a “quiet night in” Read more