Film Review: The Living Daylights

Posted on by 5WC in Film

The King is dead long live the King, and so for the second night in a row I settled down to watch James Bond save the world again. However, this time is wasn’t with the over the top suave and womanising of Roger Moore that I waved goodbye to with A View To A Kill but rather, the introduction and start of Timothy Dalton bringing a new tone and style to Britain’s most famous spy.

I have never seen Timothy Dalton as Bond before and so, everything was new, unfamiliar and for a while almost too much. I think it’s a case that where as normally you would have a decent break between Bond films, I’ve seen 5 in 2014 already and as stated, two in two days. I’ve become used to a face, a voice and however much I dislike it, a style to the character that was suddenly gone. Suddenly, I’m having to relearn and reappraise who Bond is and how he acts, and most noticeably how he sounds.
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