Film Review: Broken

Posted on by 5WC in Film

According to the box it’s not only “Powerful, Gripping and Moving” (Virgin Movies) but also “British Cinema At It’s Best” (Shortlist) as well as, the Winner – Best Film at the British Independent Film Awards and hailing from Studio Canal it had everything going for it in terms of being a properly enjoyable indie film.

I should point out at this point, that when film buffs talk about “British Cinema” and independent films they are talking about films that have a production quality which falls a long way from the usual Hollywood big budget blockbuster. There is a grainy, cold, realism with which they are shot and usually, they portray life not through soap opera glasses but scary everyday acurracy to which you connect. If you want to know how good british cinema and independent film making can be watch films like Tyranosaur and Submarine. But be warned, they don’t portray life in the happy uplifting ways Hollywood would.
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