Film Review: Belle

Posted on by 5WC in Film

It is fair to say that Belle is certainly not the type of film that I would normal entertain or really pass a second glance at. I’m believe in giving most films a fair chance and am willing to watch pretty much anything once, and yet, period dramas have never grabbed me, they’ve never been something that has interested, intrigued or even invoked much passion within me. But, from simply hearing an interview with Tom Wilkinson and Amma Asante something made me want to see this film.

I was, however, expecting as with a lot of films recently to find that my local multiplex chains were giving it a wide “non screening” birth and as with movies like: The Invisible Woman, Labor Day and Frank it would sadly pass me by until appearing at my local independent cinema. So it was with great surprise to find it not only getting a decent airing, but also, at a time that fitted perfectly into my life.
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