Film Review: Begin Again

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Since I first saw the trailer I have been waiting patiently for Begin Again to arrive. There was just something warm and charming about the principle on which the movie was based, it just appealed to me and with John Carney, who gave us the stunning Once, in the Director’s chair even my slight dislike of James Cordon playing any other role than “Smithy” was at ease. And so, with it’s release date finally passed my local multiplex decided that nobody wants to watch anything other than CGI robots hitting each other and aren’t showing it!

But, when you want something you occasionally have to search it out, and search I did and so it was off to different venue and the 2nd smallest “multiplex” screen I have ever sat in to finally make friends with the music and the story and see if this film really did live up to my expectations, or whether as I was slightly fearing, I was placing it on too high a pedestal. Expecting too much. Read more