Film Review: Before Midnight

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Forming, the third part of the “Before…” series of films, Before Midnight had a huge amount to live up to. Richard Linklater’s series of films portraying the evolving relationship of Jesse and Céline have largely gone under the radar of the mainstream, but for any film fan should sit firmly, and lovingly in the collection.

As a series of film that simply look at the development of a relationship, through nothing but speech and conversation, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset drew us into a world of beauty, naivety, passion and love. Whether you viewed the plot and its ageing development as “arty farty”, never would happen like that unrealism, or a touching story of soul mates, true love and endless emotions isn’t important. And the chances are anyway, when compared to how you perceive your life and how most people feel love “works” you’ll sit somewhere between those two views. Read more