Book Review: Before & After by Matthew Thomas

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Before And After - Matthew Thomas - Header

They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes you just have to break the rules and do it anyway. I have owned Before & After by Matthew Thomas since I first set eyes upon it’s confused embossed sheep, many, many years ago. 15 years in fact. And in the intervening time, it has been read by friends, family and even moved to North Wales before being returned back to me. Always to sit on the book shelf in the corner, loved, treasured but unread.

So it seemed only fitting, that I  finally gave in as it were, and read it. That I finally sat down to see whether or not it was actually any good. This book has held such an important and loyal place in my life for some long without remorse, that it deserved it’s chance to tell it’s tale. A tale that captured my mind at a 16 year old, even if I was too lazy back then to expand it out. Read more