Film Review: Marvellous

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At Christmas my parents purchased a copy of Marvellous, a biographical film produced purely for the small screen about Neil Baldwin, a man from Stoke-on-Trent who apparently has done it all by essentially just being in the right place at the right time with a big enough smile. And aside from the fact that every remarkable claim in this film is based on the truth, according to my parents it was also “excellent and well worth seeing”.

Since it stars Toby Jones in the lead role, their proclamations of quality could potentially hold true, although while I like Jones and am naturally drawn to him, I find that more often than not he somehow leaves me unfulfilled. I never quite managed to connect to his performances. It’s the same response that I repetitively get from Colin Firth; I’m unable to fight off the draw of their name but then constantly end up feeling let down. Read more

TV Review: Operation Cloud Lab: Secrets of the Skies

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If you believe everything you read, society is now apparently so addicted to nothing but: reality TV, cookery programmes and soap operas that the rest of the television industry is on its knees. That our programming schedules will never again be filled with anything even remotely interesting, thought provoking or dare I say it, educational.

The problem is though, that my opening statement is in fact, complete rubbish. There are quality TV programmes being made. Last year Professor Brian Cox brought the science of Doctor Who to life, Jacques Peretti is currently showing us how “Men” manipulate us to spend and buy having already made us fat and a team of scientists opened my eyes to the amazing hidden wildlife of Burma that lives in a part of the world I truly wish to visit. These programmes all suffer from the same issues, they don’t get advertised. And once again, another stunningly interesting piece of television fell into this trap and very nearly passed me by. If it wasn’t for a retweet from Lindstrand Media about the programme, I wouldn’t have heard of it and would never have seen it.
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