No Such Thing As A Fish: Live in Reading

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Growing up I enjoyed a good laugh; I would forego the wildlife documentary on BBC1 in favour of Live At The Apollo on BBC2. I’d shelter from the Glastonbury summer rain in the comedy tent before the beer tent and with my friends I’d charge around the Thames Valley in pursuit hearing Bill Bailey tickle the comedic ivories again and again. So, it’s no surprise that I watched QI; a comedy panel show that hides educational facts under the veil of comedic laughs. A bit like your Mum hiding broccoli under a pile of cheesy mash. Or something like that. Read more

TV Film Review: Esio Trot

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If you’ve read my review of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical that I saw in the West End earlier this year, you will know that I am something of a Roald Dahl fan. And so, when I saw that the BBC were showing an adaptation of Esio Trot, written by Richard Curtis, on New Year’s Day, it wasn’t a hard guess to say I’d been sitting down to watch it.

Not knowing anything more about this new production aside from a brief advert, and having quickly reacquainted myself to Dalh’s tale of Alfie, Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver, by reading his original story, I settled in not really knowing what to expect and intrigued as to how they would bring the weirdly wonderful story to life. What I got though, wasn’t as much a retelling of Dahl’s classic, but rather a reimagining that felt the same but instead of missing the point, completely changed it. Read more