Film Review: August: Osage County

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I feel almost cheated by this film. Whether I just misjudged it and what I was in for, or whether there is a case of misrepresentation to answer I’m not exactly sure. But what I expected based upon my memories of the trailer and what I ended up watching are/were two very, very different films.

Based on Tracey Letts’ play of the same name, the first thing that you really notice about August: Osage County is that it is overly dialogue heavy. They talk, a lot. Now, in one respect you should expect this, as it is a throwback to any stage show adaptation. On stage you can’t employ scene cuts and special effects in the same way you can on film. You live and die through dialogue and the spoken word. The problem is though, when you get a film that is this weighted by speech, the pace and flow of the film usually suffers. You can only really speak at one pace, and that repetitive monotony means that the film feels it’s length and then some. It tips the scales at just over two hours, but feels longer, and sadly that isn’t a good thing.

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