Film Review: Fish Tank

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Fish Tank has been on my radar ever since I watched Red Road. Mainly because it’s the follow up film by academy award winning director Andrea Arnold, and having enjoyed Red Road, it seemed only logical to witness some more of her creative talents.

Even though they really are stand alone films in their own right, you can tell they have been born from the same mind. Ignoring the overly obvious setting of rough and tough tower block estates, there is a constant style and touch that links them together. Arnold once again managing to portray life realistically and while they aren’t directly connected (most obviously, one is Scottish the other English), I couldn’t help but feel that a subconscious motive behind them is for Fish Tank to look at life within the estate and project it outwards, where as Red Road showed you life looking in from the outside. The principles behind both films seeming to flow and blend together well. Read more