Film Review: And Uneasy Lies The Mind

Posted on by 5WC in Film

It’s strange how films come into your life. Some mass marketed, plastering mainstream media refusing to be ignored, others asking politely for you time and some, not having to try at all, some able to keep their head down and hope you come, eventually, to them. And Uneasy Lies The Mind is a perfect example of this, a film I went looking for, a film that didn’t ask to be found. In fact, it is so removed from the mainstream conscious, I doubt many will have heard of it, few will know anything about it and a even less will have seen it.

And I was certainly in the first camp when I met a friend for a coffee and a discussion on blog posts lead to a rhetorical seed being planted in my head: surely someone must have made a film entirely on an iPhone by now? And so I went searching, finding the answer there. I didn’t know anything about it, but there is was, And Uneasy Lies The Mind, or to give it my working title: the iPhone movie. Read more