Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones…

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I have a friend, she’s called Kate, and she’s into running. Running in what can only be described as a Forest Gump kind of way. Kate is also one of the millions people in the UK affected by an Eating Disorder, but more importantly, Kate is actually one of the 45% who make a full recovery.

Because she is now “powered by beer and biscuits” she is doing all she can to help raise money, awareness and generally just proving to people that recovery is possible and that eating disorders are not fun, not a choice and not something to ignore. And I cannot thank her enough for that, because aside from the hours of ear bashing she puts up with when I declare I’m feeling squiffy or fat, when I need a friendly, knowledgeable voice to tell my anorexic brain to shut up, that food is good, Kate is always there, always smiling, and not willing to stop making a nuisance in the name of spreading a very important message. Read more