Launching The Beat Balloon At Norwich Cathedral

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The ‘Beat balloon’ was delivered by Cameron Balloons in October 2016 and the first consideration was how Beat’s staff could get to see it. Photographs are all well and good, but until you see a balloon up close (and especially a cloudhopper) you just can’t quite grasp the true size, scale and beauty of it. The problem though is that Beat are based in Norwich, and I’m not. As an area, East Anglia isn’t heavily flown – there aren’t any existing balloon meets organised there – which made this tricky. To allow the staff to the see the balloon, I’d have to arrange an “event” myself and make a special trip.

But this raised the question of how? The simplest option would be to arrange to fly alongside one of the few pilots operating in the area, but this would be tricky for the staff – you can hardly ask an entire office to decamp to a field on the outskirts of Norwich purely to watch me take off! A better option would be to arrange a tether – where the balloon would remain tied to the ground – within the city itself. This would solve the problem of the staff coming to see the balloon, as well as, counter the ‘Harry Houdini’ disappearing act that would happen after take-off as I floated off away into the distance.

Now it was time to solve the issue of where? Read more

Film Review: Red Road

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There are some movies that just fall into your lfie without you ever really knowing why. I’m not even sure I actually watched the trailer the whole way through before deciding I wanted to watch Red Road. This was simple a case of being naturally drawn towards a film for reasons that cannot be explained, reasons that make no sense or have no understanding.

In fact, I tried to explain to somebody what Red Road was about a few days ago, before I had seen it, and all I could manage was lots of “I think…” and “I’m not 100% sure but…” type comments. And having now watched the film, my initial thoughts, my initial premise at a plot was a long way off the mark. So far from being centered that it makes the pull of the film on my life even more bizarre. But one I’m glad, existed. Read more