Airbrush Training

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I wrote on the page about the work page how it was Games Workshop and the Warhammer battle games that opened up my creative side and gave me an outlet from which to find enjoyment and pleasure. The collecting, assembling and painting of models allowing me to learn the arts of painting, highlighting and dry-brushing as my technique developed and my armies took colour. One thing I never learned to do though was to use an airbrush.

Obviously, as a child growing up the cost of specialist airbrushing equipment was way beyond the reach of pocket money and paper rounds, and of course, why save all that money for an airbrush when it could be better spent on more models and an even bigger army?! However, as I am slowly dipping my toes back into the world of modelling and war-gaming and starting to revisit, although sadly at the moment, without the same enthusiasm, childhood memories of old, I thought it was time to treat myself, to allow myself the chance to paint “properly”, to purchase an airbrush.
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