Film Review: Jack Goes Boating

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There was a time when I was much younger, didn’t own a mobile phone let alone have any idea what Facebook, Twitter or Google were and when you went to the cinema you didn’t use an automate ticket machine to collect pre books tickets but instead you’d stand in a queue to waiting to see a usually grumpy lady in a ticket booth, basing your evenings viewings on the names and start times pinned wonkily to the rudimentary felt board behind her.

And while we may now live in a modern age where such simplicities seem fuddy duddy and unthinkable, occassionally, channeling those times forgotten can throw up interesting results. You may noticed that recently I’ve discovered the Curzon Home Cinema service, and last night with only had a couple of pounds left on my account to spend on a film, the choice of what to watch became not what does Rotten Tomatoes rate highly, but rather what can I afford that grabs my attention. Read more