Book Review: Thursday’s Child: The Mike Kendrick Story

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It’s a strange situation to be reading the biography of a man you have met, know and who, through their business actions, has had such a shaping on your entire life and yet be treated to stories and anecdotes that you’ve never heard or realised took place. But that is what exactly happened recently as I read Thursday’s Child: The Mike Kendrick Story.

Mike was an early pioneer and overly enthusiastic hot air balloonist who went on to create the company that would be Virgin Airship & Balloon Company. The business that was responsible for creating, capturing and expanding my love of lighter than air flight into an obsession. Without Mike and his foresight to use balloons as a marketing product, we wouldn’t have had lighter than air craft representing: Choc Dips, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Action Man to name just three. Read more

Churchill Wishes The Queen A Very Happy Diamond Jubilee – Oh Yesss

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With celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee taking place across the UK: towns, cities, and villages came over all red, white and blue with street parties (my village held the longest street party in the UK crossing a bridge over the River Thames!), music concerts and the spectacular lighting of over 4000 beacons across the UK.

One of these beacons was placed on Durdham Downs in Bristol and, a day’s activities had been planned to entertain the crowds before the beacon was lit at 10pm. Bristol is known as the home of UK ballooning due to both the largest hot air balloon meet – the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta – and the largest producer of hot air balloons in the world – Cameron Balloons – residing in the city. Read more

Lucozade Says YES To Crystal Palace

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In the same way that there are many different types and sizes of car, there are as many diferent types and sizes of hot air balloons. For me, one of my absolutely favourites, are the small one man balloons known as cloudhoppers. Where the traditional wicker basket is replaced with a simple seat for the pilot.

Lucozade are currently using a cloudhopper to advertise their YES campaign as they feel the small, sleek image better fits their active brand, and I spent two days tethering the balloon at the National Sports Center, Crystal Palace for the Aviva London Athletics Grand Prix.

Lucozade Crystal Palace 01

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