Film Review: Kajaki: The True Story

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There has been a huge amount of hype surrounding, Kajaki: The True Story. People praising it for just how true to life and reflective of modern warfare it is. Proclaiming that it returns the genre back to the exacting painful existence that Hollywood sadly beautified and expanded into hyperrealism over recent years, with offerings like Lone Survivor while intense, also feeling over polished and produced. But Kajaki was back to basics, low budget film making. The first film by, Paul Katis, and partly crowd funded, it sets out to purely to tell a story exactly as it happened, to place you in the heart of the action. There have even been mumblings laying claim to this potentially being the best British war film ever made.

These were big claims and so, even though I am not naturally drawn to war movies, I felt this was a film worth searching out, worth seeing. And so, it was off to a late night screening at my local multiplex to see if the story lived up to its billing. If this truly was the best British war film for a generation. Read more