Film Review: Smashed

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I’m not exactly sure how Smashed came to be sitting in my pile of DVDs to watch. I think it was probably a case of seeing its rating on Rotten Tomatoes, briefly watching the trailer before finding that it was cheap on Amazon and simply going from there. Before hand, I couldn’t have really told you much about it, it wasn’t a film that had really troubled the mainstream, and even with Aaron Paul taking a major role in the film, it was born into the middle of the Jesse Pinkman/Breaking Bad phenomenon and so appears to have become forgotten, overlooked or more likely overshadowed by other successes.

But settled down with a bag of popcorn for a bit of Friday night entertainment , I didn’t want anything overly heavy after a busy week, I was simply after a decent, potentially thought provoking film that would pass the evening and allow me to unwind to make that transition from working week to relaxed weekend. Sadly though, even with positive fruit based reviews, the IMDb in agreement, for me, I found the film to be lacking. To be honest, Smashed is a film that fails to deliver anything like the potential stored within. And that’s such a crying shame because the movie that is desperately trying to get out could have been an all time classic.
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