Film Review: A Serious Man

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Having only recently seen the Coen Brothers’ latest offer – Inside Llewyn Davis – and having been reminded of A Serious Man after Wittertainment made it their “TV Film of the Week”, I thought is was the perfect way to pass a boring evening at home while the rained continued to lash down outside.

A Serious Man tells the story of a maths teacher, who’s world is in turmoil, spiralling more and more out of control, for what appears to be no reason or fault of his own. The more he searches, the more out of control it becomes. And as is tradition with the Coens’ work, the Jewish faith plays an important role within the plot. Taking almost centre stage within A Serious Man. In my view, the scope given to Judaism isn’t 100% necessary, it doesn’t serve to harm the film either.

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